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Charter Insurance

We care about your safety - the safety of skipper & crew and the safety of your payments to us!

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, many clients are not only worried about their payments, but also wonder whether the operator they booked their yacht with, will survive this crisis.

Although ORYX YACHTING is still a fairly young company, it has a lot of experience and a solid economic background - which is why YACHT-POOL has awarded our company the coveted "Checked & Trusted" seal.

Trust is good - insurance is better!

Are you looking forward to a wonderful sailing trip? You have earned it! But what if "something" happens? If you can't even start the trip due to illness, e.g. Covid-19? Or if there is an accident or damage while sailing?

At ORYX YACHTING, your safety is our top priority. To rule out all eventualities before, during and after your holiday at an early stage, we recommend the skipper and crew insurance policies from YACHT-POOL.

By the way: With YACHT-POOL you can also insure your charter payments to us if you wish - see below for more information.

Why do we recommend YACHT-POOL?

YACHT-POOL was founded in 1976 by Dr. Friedrich Schöchl as a "pool of yacht owners and skippers".

YACHT-POOL is the inventor of the skipper's liability insurance and pioneer of all other charter insurances and develops all insurance and service products itself - from practice for practice.

Professionals from the field are personally available to you from advice to claims management. YACHT-POOL is the charter insurer with the most and best Google ratings. That is why we also recommend YACHT-POOL.

Online Insurance Application

It is best to apply for YACHT-POOL charter insurance as early as possible, but you can also apply last-minute online.

If you have any questions, the YACHT-POOL crew will be happy to help and advise you:

+49 89 7467 34 85

Skipper Liability Insurance

Welcome on board – leave your worries ashore, but not your safety!

Our charter yachts are well insured with a ship's liability insurance and a hull insurance. Nevertheless, as skipper you bear a great responsibility for the crew and the ship. Private liability insurance does not usually cover all liability claims arising from skipper or crew activities.

With the YACHT-POOL skipper's liability insurance, you and your crew are optimally covered at sea:

  • Worldwide insurance cover for skipper and crew in the event of property damage and personal injury, also for each other
  • Charter as often as you like: The insurance is valid for every charter within 12 months!
  • In the event of grossly negligent damage to the charter yacht, damages are covered up to €1 million (deductible €2,550)
  • YACHT-POOL's specialists are available worldwide to assist you with claims settlement and defence against unjustified claims

Charter Deposit Insurance

Our yachts are of course covered by hull insurance. You only pay for damage to the yacht up to the amount of the deposit.

However, every experienced skipper knows how quickly the harmony of the crew is disturbed when everyone is asked to pay for the damage that only one person caused. Relieve your crew and yourself of these worries and enjoy a carefree cruise!

This is what distinguishes the charter deposit insurance from YACHT-POOL:

  • Protection for skipper and crew
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Excess only 5% of the deposit, minimum 50.-€
  • Charter as often as you like: the insurance is valid for every charter within 12 months!

Skipper Legal Expenses Insurance

In court and on the high seas, you are in God's hands; as the saying goes. Being right is one thing, but getting right can be a complicated, lengthy and expensive affair.

With the skipper's legal protection insurance, YACHT-POOL is also your strong and experienced partner before the maritime court!

Skipper legal expenses insurance is essential if you want to defend yourself against accusations and charges from the authorities. However, it does not cover legal disputes relating to private contracts, because there is no legal protection for contracts.

The scope of the skipper's legal expenses insurance is as follows:

  • Worldwide legal protection for skipper and crew
  • Criminal legal protection: For defence in criminal proceedings in connection with yacht management
  • Regulatory offence legal protection in the case of allegations of criminal and regulatory offences
  • Administrative legal protection and driving licence legal protection: For representation in proceedings before administrative authorities, e.g. due to withdrawal of driving licence.
  • Charter as often as you like: The insurance is valid for every charter within 12 months!


The yacht for your trip is booked, the crew is complete and the anticipation is already great! What happens if the skipper or a crew member has an accident or falls ill shortly before the trip? What if a family member falls seriously ill? The holiday is already cancelled for some or even all of us.

YACHT-POOL's Charter Cancellation Insurance-PLUS covers these cases in addition to the usual reasons for reimbursement of voyage and/or cancellation costs:

  • Insolvency or bankruptcy of the charter fleet operator
  • Corona infection of skipper or crew or close relatives
  • Vaccination intolerance of skipper, crew or their children

Please note:
The Charter Cancellation Insurance-Plus from YACHT-POOL provides cover in accordance with the conditions,
if skipper, fellow passengers or close family members are infected with Corona or suffer from vaccination intolerance. The insurance can be taken out before the start of the trip as long as the skipper and crew are healthy. So do not hesitate!

Please note, however, that there is no insurance against general government measures (such as lock-downs, travel warnings, border closures or flight cancellations). We are not aware of any insurance that covers this risk.


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