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Skipper Legal Expenses Insurance


In court and on the high seas, you are in God's hands; as the saying goes. Being right is one thing, but getting right can be a complicated, lengthy and expensive affair.

With the skipper's legal protection insurance, YACHT-POOL is also your strong and experienced partner before the maritime court!

Skipper legal expenses insurance is essential if you want to defend yourself against accusations and charges from the authorities. However, it does not cover legal disputes relating to private contracts, because there is no legal protection for contracts.

The scope of the skipper's legal expenses insurance is as follows:

  • Worldwide legal protection for skipper and crew
  • Criminal legal protection: For defence in criminal proceedings in connection with yacht management
  • Regulatory offence legal protection in the case of allegations of criminal and regulatory offences
  • Administrative legal protection and driving licence legal protection: For representation in proceedings before administrative authorities, e.g. due to withdrawal of driving licence.
  • Charter as often as you like: The insurance is valid for every charter within 12 months!


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