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The yacht for your trip is booked, the crew is complete and the anticipation is already great! What happens if the skipper or a crew member has an accident or falls ill shortly before the trip? What if a family member falls seriously ill? The holiday is already cancelled for some or even all of us.

YACHT-POOL's Charter Cancellation Insurance-PLUS covers these cases in addition to the usual reasons for reimbursement of voyage and/or cancellation costs:

  • Insolvency or bankruptcy of the charter fleet operator
  • Corona infection of skipper or crew or close relatives
  • Vaccination intolerance of skipper, crew or their children

Please note:
The Charter Cancellation Insurance-Plus from YACHT-POOL provides cover in accordance with the conditions,
if skipper, fellow passengers or close family members are infected with Corona or suffer from vaccination intolerance. The insurance can be taken out before the start of the trip as long as the skipper and crew are healthy. So do not hesitate!

Please note, however, that there is no insurance against general government measures (such as lock-downs, travel warnings, border closures or flight cancellations). We are not aware of any insurance that covers this risk.


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